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A few words about my background…

I have had a pretty diverse employment and business history.

-Owned a landscape design and build company for twenty three years. I sold the company in 2006 with approximately fifty onsite personnel, three administrative assistants, and three design and sales teams.

-Worked several years in corporate, employed as a VP for a chemical company, overseeing forty plus sales personnel in twenty one states.

-Coached varsity high school wrestling for fifteen years in both private and public schools.

-Chairman of a school board at a local private elementary/middle school for seven years.

-Served as Elder and Deacon at churches for over twenty years.

-Currently own Online DesignScapes, an internet based landscape design service.

All to say, I have seen these principles work in all these different “arenas” of life. I have witnessed and experienced the consequences of not using them also. They will work wherever you are.
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