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Save time, get the design you love, and save money.

Why pay for someone to come out to your house? We make it easy for you to send us the information about your project, and we do the rest. Do construction plans make it hard to really “see” what your project will look like when it is finished? Not anymore.

Now you can “walk through” and experience your landscape project BEFORE construction begins…with our virtual video tour and 3D color pictures

  • Work with your own personal design consultant

  • get more contactor work Use our “easy to fill out” forms

  • get more contactor work Design process usually takes one week

Here is the information we need from you:

  1. Fill out the Project Detail Form: Use our simple “check list” form to tell us about the project. (Example)

  2. Two Pictures of the Project Area: Take pictures right from your cell phone. We show you how easy it is to send them to us.

  3. Three Survey of your Property: Locate the survey in your mortgage papers, and send us a copy. (Example)

That’s it…Online DesignScapes does the rest.
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100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.


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