The “Smith Brothers”, Kevin, and Pat, grew up a year apart on Long Island. After playing on the same Little League teams, the wrestling teams in high school and college together, it only seemed natural for the brothers to go into business together. Smith Brothers Landscaping was born in the spring of 1983. Pat would leave the company in 1991 to pursue a teaching and coaching career. Kevin remained in the business, and after 23 years, sold the company in January, 2006.

At the time of the sale, the company had annual revenue upwards of four million dollars and was involved in the construction of over two hundred projects a year. With a design and sales team, field managers and dedicated office staff, Smith Brothers was recognized as one of the largest mason and landscape companies on LI. Click here for more on the history and early years of Smith Brothers.

It was during the transition phase of helping the new owners of Smith Brothers that the idea came for Online DesignScapes. While training the new design and sales team members, and recognizing the logistical impossibility of attending every appointment, Kevin asked the representatives to take detailed measurements and pictures while they were meeting with the potential customers. With adequate pictures and correct measurements, Kevin soon realized he could accurately produce outstanding landscape designs, even without physically viewing the property. It was this process he would incorporate into Online DesignScapes.

Kevin had been using computer designs since 1997 and knew the value of helping his customers “see” their project in 3D color. He also knew, for most companies, the design and sales aspect of the business is most challenging for them. Between the expense, lack of time, and perhaps computer skills, Kevin believed a cost effective landscape design service would fill a need for both contractor and homeowner alike. Online DesignScapes was founded in March of 2010 and has become an integral part in the design and sales cycle of many companies.

Kevin’s career spans four decades and includes designing over 10,000 landscape projects, all over the country. He has had articles printed in leading trade magazines and Online DesignScapes has recently been featured on a Fox News segment about planning and designing for outdoor living (click here to watch the segment). Kevin enjoys opportunities to speak at contractor meetings about general sales and management procedures and strategies, including business consulting.

Online Design Scapes Landscaping Blueprint DesignKevin is married to Kathleen, college sweethearts, since 1981. They have four children, Kevin Jr., Alison, Cody and Dustin. Kevin coached the varsity wrestling team for many years at St. Anthony’s HS., and was able to coach his two youngest brothers (Joe and Pete) while there. Since selling his business in 2006, Kevin moved his family to Morehead City, NC. Today he enjoys coaching his two youngest boys (Cody and Dustin) on the local high school wrestling team, fun family days at the beach and serving as a Deacon in his church.